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Since August of this year, Dior has made it possible in China by becoming the first luxury brand to sell handbags on… WeChat!

Dior has indeed opened a Wechat store on the 1st of August through which users can buy limited edition handbags (« Lady Dior China Small Valentine »). The idea for Dior was to take advantage of the 9th of August - Chinese Valentine's Day - to trigger sales. Despite a significant price of 28,000 CNY (3,800€), 200 handbags have been sold within a day, creating a huge buzz in the industry.

Starting from May 2016, our Shanghai office has become a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). This certification validates our agency's strong digital analytics expertise in China from one of the leading analytics solutions worldwide. 

It is important to note that the Google Analytics partnership does not work at a global level, each local office having to be certified. This local certification process was important to our eyes in order to show our commitment to help our clients with their local analytics challenges in China (and there are many!).

This report gives us many figures to understand the mobile search market in the beginning of 2016. The market penetration of the different search engine, how the contents are searched in the mobile and when users like to search in mobile and other interesting results have been presented in these report. I do not want to list them one by one but just highlight some key facts to help optimize the SEM mobile strategy.


But first let me conclude some key facts:

altima° NYC is proud to announce that we were recently named one of New York’s top branding agencies in a newly released report from Clutch – a Washington DC based research firm.

 It’s official. Everybody is talking about React but even after making a real effort and consulting reference materials, it’s difficult to understand this technology’s impact on SEO. Allow me to shed a little light on the subject.